About Jayne Johnson

Jayne Johnson began her studies and quest for knowledge about Life in 1971. Her interest in Self-improvement, philosophy, religion, spirituality, communication, goals, relationships, business and finance, among many other topics, has led her on a unique journey of discovery.

Jayne’s perspective is that practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom have many sources and over 33 years has studied a wide variety of resources, including the works of Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Campbell, R. Buckminster Fuller, Wayne Dyer, Paul Brenner, M.D., Marianne Williamson, Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker, and Earl Nightingale, to name just a few.

In addition to personal consultations for thousands of individuals from all walks of life, she has also presented seminars for groups such as Prudential and Vignette, and herGoals Workshops have helped people from all over the world to achieve their goals.

Jayne has worked with Robert Kiyosaki for many years and admires the powerful contributions he is making through his Rich Dad’s books, CashFlow game, and seminars. By sharing his vast knowledge, he is helping millions of people improve their lives.

Jayne feels that the more knowledge she can acquire and share, the more she is able to fulfill her purpose to empower others in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

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Coach with Jayne

Why People can’t get what they want

because they don’t know…

We are spiritual beings – we have a body and a mind but spiritual beings is who we ARE

We have unlimited power

We have unlimited knowledge

  • The programming in our subconscious minds is the only real obstacle to having success, happiness, peace, love, prosperity, etc etc, in our lives
  • The programming in our subconscious minds can be cleared (quickly and easily) so that none of it has any effect on us and then we can use our true power and knowledge to create the life we want

Unlimited power


unlimited Knowledge







My goal is to help anyone who wants help in removing what doesn’t work and enhancing what does work. A Being is whole and complete by its very nature. If one removes the barriers that block one from knowing, with complete awareness and understanding, who one truly is and what one’s own truths are, life becomes easy and fun because one is living from the highest point of integrity, as defined by each Being’s own adjudication.

There is a fundamental difference between who one IS and what one HAS. Each of us IS an Eternal Being (Spirit, Soul) with the innate right to be FREE.

Each of us HAS a body to use as a tool in the Game. For clarification, not proof, the following thoughts are offered. Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? When you chose the Top Hat or the Scottie Dog and placed it on the Game board, did you believe that the game piece was you? Or that it merely represented you in the game? The physical body is a tool with which to play the game of life. Did you see the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? When he lost his “game piece,” he suddenly had a very difficult time getting anyone to see or hear him.

Each of us HAS a mind to use as a tool in the game. The mind in its function parallels a computer. Whatever you program into it, that’s what it spits back out at you.

Memories of upsetting experiences comprise part of the programming. Even if forgotten, they are still part of the programming and if the right key is pushed, that program starts running. The good news is, you are the programmer and can change the program or delete it altogether.

Memories of positive experiences comprise part of the programming too. You loved Johnny so you still like Aramis cologne to this day; or, you loved Alice so you feel good whenever you hear

“that song.” Fragrances, food, music, clothing, even people – all these can be – not necessarily are but can be – the result of the “right” key on the keyboard being pushed. There is nothing particularly harmful about this; it’s just that, if a key is being pushed, it is far more empowering to be aware of it.

There are no victims; each individual is the creator of his or her reality.

There are no mistakes; every experience, however negative, is an opportunity to learn a lesson and evolve to higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

 Any misdeeds one has committed against other people, even unintentionally, can adversely affect success in any endeavor. Committing misdeeds, for most people, leads to guilt, one of the most destructive emotions in the game of life.